Our company's roots date back to 1986. Then we started intensive production of wood packaging. In subsequent years, we increased our production and built more complexity by making wood products for the needs of industry and agriculture. Over the years it showed that Logistics by increasing the production at our site has becoming a major problem, especially in winter, so we searched for different solutions.


In 2003 we had contacted the company, which manufactured hydraulic components. We had a deal with them so we bought machines for the processing of the various fittings and links for the central lubrication of machines. At the beginning of the treatment all took place on classic machines.



Gradually we started to purchase CNC machines. Today, most processing takes place in the CNC centers. With continuous updating of machine stock, the acquisition of new knowledge in the field of metal processing and management of CNC machines, by improving quality and shortening delivery times, we have become a reliable partner in the serial processing of metals.

In 2008, we began by introducing a quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 certificate which we acquired in April 2009.